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Our Path to Empowerment: Strengthening Our Network Through Licensing Agreements

Wada’s journey has always been about more than just technology. It has been about building a community that uplifts, supports, and enables every member to thrive. As we’ve grown, from a single hub to a network spanning across eleven African countries, our commitment to fostering innovation and self-reliance at the grassroots level has only deepened. We’re excited to share a significant step forward in our mission: the introduction of licensing agreements across our network.

Why Licensing Agreements?

With our expanding network, the wealth of ideas and solutions from our hubs has grown immensely. These innovations, the heartbeat of our community, reflect our collective genius and hard work of our community. To nurture this ecosystem, it’s essential to have a structured framework to protect and leverage these innovations, hence our licensing agreements. These agreements ensure that the innovations created within our hubs benefit the entire community and maintain their integrity as we grow.

Empowerment Through Collaboration

At first glance, licensing agreements might seem like a barrier—extra paperwork in a world that already has too much. But in truth, they are enablers. 

As innovations are developed, it’s essential to ensure they meet the standards and ethos of our community. The licensing agreement acts as a quality control mechanism, ensuring all contributions align with our mission and values.

These agreements also ensure that the benefits of our collective efforts are felt first and foremost by the communities we serve. They allow us to maintain a standard of excellence and integrity in all we do, from local projects to global initiatives.

Far from being a barrier, the licensing agreement is a testament to our commitment to empowerment through collaboration. It establishes clear rules of engagement for sharing, developing, and commercialising the innovations birthed within our network. With protections in place, innovators within our network can freely collaborate, confident that their contributions will not be misused. This encourages a more open exchange of ideas and resources, accelerating innovation.

Expanding Our Reach and Impact

For potential new members, the licensing agreement is a sign of our professional and respectful approach to innovation. It assures them that joining Wada means becoming part of a network that values and protects its members’ contributions.


With the aim to establish a hub in every African country, our licensing strategy is about empowerment and transformation. Hubs like Inkuba in Burkina Faso and DITC in Cameroon are testaments to the potential of this network. These hubs have empowered local communities, improving tech education and fostering development.

Benefits of Licensing

Becoming a Wada licensee opens the door to numerous benefits:

Access to Resources: Technological tools, educational content, and funding platforms.

Training Programs: Tailored to emergent technologies and business strategies.

Marketing Support: Co-branding opportunities and promotional campaigns increase visibility and credibility.

Networking Opportunities: Connecting with other professionals to share ideas and resources.

How to Join Our Network

Interested in joining? The process is straightforward:

  1. Initial Inquiry: Reach out via our website or email to learn more about our licensing program.
  2. Review of Information: We’ll provide detailed guidelines and expectations.
  3. Formal Application: Submit your application detailing your vision and how you plan to use our resources.
  4. Approval and Onboarding: Once approved, you’ll be onboarded and integrated into our network.

Looking Ahead

The journey ahead is full of promise. With our licensing agreements in place, we’re poised to dive into new projects, forge new partnerships, and bring more innovative solutions to the communities we serve. This is an exciting time for Wada, and we’re thrilled to have you with us on this journey. Our doors are always open. We invite you to join us, whether as a member, a collaborator, or a supporter, as we continue to build a future where technology and community go hand in hand.

Catalyst Updates

Voting on Fund9 Project Catalyst will be kicking off on or about Aug 11 2022. With voting results in September. Please look out for our list of proposals.

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Wada Hubs Fund9 Proposals:

Wada Member Fund9 Initiatives:

Wada Collaboration Fund9 Proposals:

Cardano Updates

Wada is eagerly anticipating the Cardano Summit 2022. We played a significant role in 2021 and will be expecting to do even more!!! Watch this space

Please see our gallery for more details of our activities!

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