One of our main focuses at Wada is to make Cardano and DLT solutions accessible throughout Africa. We hope to achieve this through active educational outreach. One way we spread education and other Wada resources throughout the different localities in Africa is by opening Hubs. We seek to get at least one Wada Hub in each country which serves as a springboard for additional national hub tributaries.

We also aim to partner with international organizations and networks of all sizes where beneficial alliances exist.  The UN and the Sustainable Development Goals, UNESCO, The Commonwealth are a few organizations we are exploring for opportunities.

Our movement is grassroots.  We seek to first make an impact at the local hub level. It’s our belief that empowering local communities towards community/self responsibility will enable a self-reliant atmosphere.  When this happens, impact can be achieved at scale through supportive and mutually beneficial partnerships, resource sharing opportunities, and knowledge and data exchange.

Wada's Aim

Our chief aim is to become the premier provider of technology and tools for social change  on the African continent and in the African diaspora.  Our core priority includes, but is not limited to, building resource hubs throughout the continent and in the diaspora as well as building virtual hubs.  We seek to enable infrastructure for building solutions, transferring knowledge and skills, and deploying physical resources.  We hope Wada will enable a brighter future for all she reaches.

We have country and subregional hubs operating in West and Central Africa with the first regional hubs in Ghana and Cameroon to provide additional oversight and visibility to other hubs in: Ivory Coast, Senegal, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The network connection creates expansion capacity by leveraging IT hub relationships, government, and academic outreach. 

In addition to forming new hubs, Wada will also find established businesses dealing with programming and digital products to partner with.