Fund 6 Projects Catalyst

In Progress

Train WADA teams as mentors to support aspiring entrepreneurs submit quality Catalyst proposals. Click to read more

Design a support system specifically for the unique challenges of running a stakepool in Africa and create a learning hub for African SPOs. Click to read more

BEN affiliated accounting and law students to help wada audit proposals especially hubs. Click to read more

On site hosting for 3 events: Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal. Click to read more

2 - 6 week training program 6 week vrtual bootcamp to submitting proposals in project catalyst. Click to read more

Cameroon 10,810; DRC 7210; Nigeria 7000; Ghana 16350; Senegal 4000; Cote d'Ivoire 6100; full budget: Click to read more

Bring in local developers on a journey to solve the IP problem among indigenous communities for them to earn more from their craft. click to read more

6 week training program on defi cardano partners, membership portal/learning portal. Click to read more

Wada + Green Lion seek to develop self-sustaining liquidity pools for providing low cost business loans to the Ghanaian informal sector. Click to read more