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Thank you to all who attended the WADA Catalyst Conference 2021.  Thank you to all the presenters, interpreters, and organizers. It was a great weekend! 

Survey https://bit.ly/WADACC21-D2

If you were unable to complete the survey, we are keeping it open until the 7th of September.  We appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

For those who were unable to attend, we missed you!  Please enjoy the content links below.

Getting Funding for your Brilliance​

How often are you offered money for your dreams and ideas?  How often do you get the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who are looking to solve some of the same challenges you are looking to solve?

Growth Through Innovative Ideas

That’s what we’re offering here.  Wada in conjunction with Cardano Catalyst invites you to bring your dreams and ideas for funding.  You can propose your own ideas or you can reach out to proposers to see if they have a need for your skillset.

Partners who Joined us at the Conference

Catalyst Swarm   Catalyst School   POA   Cardano Foundation

Presentation Link:

Conference Replay

Michael McNulty
Guided Onboarding Miro Board

Click here to view Miro Board

Password: wada2021

Victor Corcino
How to be a Community Advisor

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